Coronavirus vaccine side effects....

 Coronavirus vaccine side effects

Reported side effects to COVID-19 vaccines have mostly been mild to moderate and short-lasting. They include:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • muscle pain
  • chills
  • diarrhoea
  • pain at the injection site

Covid-19 - Boleh membiak dalam hidung, individu divaksin masih boleh dilindungi - Dr Noor Hisham

Bukan sahaja boleh menular dalam tempoh lima hingga 15 saat serta tersebar melalui udara, kajian terkini mendapati varian Delta COVID-19 lebih ganas apabila boleh membiak di dalam hidung individu yang sudah menerima vaksin


Acne skin problem

Acne skin problem
Acne skin problem
Acne, one in every of the most common skin drawback that ails the human kind regardless of the age,caste,colour gender etc. Acne is a tremendously embarrassing and burdensome problem. Acne can be defined, as red eruptions on the skin your time filled with a white substance, is itchy and conjointly painful. It could be a drawback on which we have a tendency to do not have our control.

There are completely different ways in which to treat acne .one will o for medication from a skin specialist or one will additionally attempt home or natural remedies. Natural remedies are less time consuming, less costly, and have no aspect effects. It solely requires a little a lot of patience because the routine has got to be followed diligently to urge rid of the matter once and for all.

Avoiding Foods While Breast Feeding

Avoiding Foods While Breast Feeding
Avoiding Foods While Breast Feeding
Many women find that they can eat whatever they may like during breast feeding. Even though it's true that some stongly favored foods can change the taste of your milk, many babies seem to enjoy the varieties of breast milk flavors.

Occasionally, your baby may get cranky at the breast after you eat certain foods. If you notice this happening, simply avoid that particular food. The most common offenders duing breast feeding include chocolate, spices, citrus fruits, garlic, chili, lime, gassy vegetables, and fruits with laxative type effects, such as prunes and cherries. You can have a cup or two of coffee a day, although too much caffeine can interfere with your baby's sleep and even make him or her cranky.

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How to burn off belly fat

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A fantastic method to discover how to burn off belly fat may be to recognize that sit-ups and ab crunches on their own are not that effective all on their own! You'll have to work out the entire body, and you are able to try this by integrating body weight exercises and strength training exercises within your workout routine. Furthermore, stomach crunches are known to tone your upper abdominals and leg raises are recognized to shape your lower abdominal muscles, so in case you do these with the correct nutrition and workout schedules, you will be fit very quickly!

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Exercise calorie counter

The first calorie counter shown below calculates how many calories you have burned depending on your weight and how many miles you have run. Health studies have shown that heavier people burn more calories when they are exercising, than lighter people. Hence the reason you need to type your current weight into the exercise calorie calculator below.
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