Natural Migraine Cure - 5 Tips For Better Treatment

Pain would in fact trouble people of different age levels. An individual could feel tenderness since they are very sensitive to pain. Due to the damage or the direct contact of heat or any sharp objects that would harm the cells in the humans body; the nerve cells send impulses in the body's brain or the central nervous system telling it that something is wrong. One of the pains that an individual would really hate to have is the migraine. Going to the doctors and receiving very expensive prescription can add the pain they are feeling. Looking for a natural migraine cure as an alternative for expensive medicines and treatments is very pleasant. Natural migraine cure is a good way of treating migraine with out spending big amount of money.

Before anything else it is better to know more about migraines. Migraine is a very painful agonizing headache. Migraines don't choose its victim. Women, man, girls and boys have a high risk of this very troubling illness. The human brain has large arteries that have coiled fibers on it. Once the large vessels of the brain dilate or enlarge the coiled arteries of the brain extend and then the nerves will release chemicals. Once the chemicals are released the owner of the body attacked by this illness would feel excessive pain. If a person suffers from migraines they are advised to keep away from too much light and loud sound since they are very sensitive to it. Finding the perfect natural migraine cure is advisable.

Improper sleeping time or schedule, too much stress, nervousness or anxiety, too much sunlight exposure and some changes in the hormonal patterns for women are some of the reasons why people could feel this painful headache. Aside from using drugs that are prescribed by doctors, there are some natural migraine cures that they could use to heal it.

Once migraines attack, here are some of the tips and methods to lessen the pain.

1. Take a bath. Taking a bath would prevent the dilation or the enlargement of the blood vessels in the brain preventing the chemicals to release and thus avoiding pain.

2. Another one is to stay in a dark room and lie down there until the pain stops and avoid too much exposure to any source of light.

3. Placing a cold compress in the forehead and behind the neck might also lessen too much pain.

4. There are two kinds of pressure points behind the neck and pressing it for two minutes would stop the pain. Massaging the affected area is proven to be a good first aid or action for migraines.

5. Eat a lot of fruits or foods that contains Vitamin C and B3.

It is smarter to avoid doing some strenuous activities such as working house hold chores, running or jogging in the park or somewhere else and exercising or else the pain that the migraine confer will just worsen. It is better to stay home and take a rest. Staying away from any cause of your stress is recommended. If the pain still remains even after applying all of this natural migraine cure, it is better to see a doctor and ask for his or her advice regarding migraines. They can tell if the painful headache is still a migraine or a severe brain illness. Relying to the natural migraine cure is not half bad since people before time used the natural migraine cure to heal others suffering from this sickness.

Agatha Green has been a migraine sufferer for years. On her website she unveils more than one year of research on migraines and how she managed to treat her own disease. For more great information on natural migraine cure, visit

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natural health remedies said...

Migraine attacks are so distressing! Try drinking lots of water to reduce pain.

Herbal Remedy said...

In order to get rid of migraine take a bath. Taking a bath would prevent the dilation or the enlargement of the blood vessels in the brain preventing the chemicals to release and thus avoiding pain.

Tom said...

I have suffered from migraine. I really feel not uncomfortable with this kind of disease. I can not sleep well. Thankfully, you give tips here. I'll try doing these tips for lessening pain.

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