Breast cancer self Diagnosis: 5 Steps

Breast cancer self Diagnosis: Five Steps

Step 1
Look at your breast in a mirror with the arms on your hips and the shoulders straight.
It should have the usual size, color and shape without any swelling visible. If there are puckering, dimpling or bulging on the skin, or if the nipple has changed position, redness, rash, soreness and swelling, you need to consult your doctor fast.

Step 2
Raise your arms and look for the same changes as mentioned above.


Squeeze the nipple one by one between your thumb and finger and check for any discharge from the nipple.
If there is a discharge like of a milky type or a yellow fluid or even blood, immediately consult your doctor.

Breast Cancer Self Diagnosis Breast Cancer Self Diagnosis Breast Cancer Self Diagnosis

On a flat surface lie down and feel your breast. Touch it with the first few fingers smoothly and firmly while keeping the fingers together. Examine the breast are from top to the base, from he collarbone to the abdomen, from the armpit to the cleavage and all from side to side. You can start from your nipples going out in circles to the edge. Make sure that the breast tissues are felt by your fingers.
If you feel a lump or a swelling or an abnormal tissue growth, seek medical advice immediately.

Step 5
While sitting or standing, apply oil for convenience and do the same procedure in step 4.

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