Women Heart Attack Symptoms

It is important if you are a woman and you have symptoms that you seek medical treatment immediately. The in women, the common symptoms are:

o Unexplained fatigue or extreme tiredness
o Shortness of breath
o Nausea (not relieved by antacids or even burping)
o Heart burn that won't go away with antacids and
o Cold sweats
o Chest discomfort
o Pressure low in the chest
o Panic or anxiety attack symptoms without the trigger

If you are experiencing these symptoms instead of trying to brush them off as being nothing or assume it is a panic attack. Seek medical treatment. Discussing your health with your primary medical care provider is important. If deep down you feel there is more to your symptoms you should let your doctor know that you want him to run a couple tests. More women die from heart disease than any other ailment.



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