What is Type 1 Diabetes-part2

What is Type 1 Diabetes
Another name for type 1 diabetes is juvenile diabetes.  The reason for this can be because the
majority of folks diagnosed with type one diabetes are under the age of twenty five.  There have
been reported cases of patients being diagnosed with the disease much older however those are
exceptions.  There may be a genetic link that causes folks to become insulin dependant
but the precise link has however to be discovered.

Diabetics with type 1 can have to take insulin for the remainder of their lives.  The amount of
insulin they take could vary with their diet and weight through the years.  Sort one diabetics
would like to carefully monitor their urine for ketones every morning as they're additional likely to
be diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis – a heavy condition.  This is often your body’s manner of
telling you it's not getting enough fuel and is using fat cells as energy rather than the food
that is being consumed.

The quantity of folks with sort one diabetes is comparatively small compared to the quantity of
individuals who are being diagnosed with type a pair of diabetes.  The numbers for sort 2 diabetes
still grow with the obesity rates.

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Health And Safety Consultant Peterborough said...

There are many professions in which a diabetic patient is not allowed to work. Once diagnosed, a person is asked to leave the job.

Arnold Brame

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