Healthy Habit No. 6: Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Flossing your teeth every day could add 6.4 years to your life, according to Michael Roizen, MD, author of RealAge. In his book, Roizen lists flossing as one of the most important daily activities -- along with exercise and quitting smoking -- that could extend life span.

Roizen's calculation may raise some eyebrows, but the idea that oral health is connected to overall health isn't far-fetched.

The mouth, after all, is an integral part of the body. "Teeth have a blood supply, and that blood supply comes from the heart," says Richard Price, DMD, consumer advisor for the American Dental Association (ADA).

Researchers suspect that the bacteria that produce dental plaque enter the bloodstream. They say these bacteria are somehow associated with the inflammation that occurs with plaque that blocks blood vessels and causes heart disease.

Other researchers have found links between oral bacteria and stroke, diabetes, and the birth of preterm babies and those that have low birth weight.

In addition to preventing disease, flossing and brushing can help keep your pearly whites intact for more than just cosmetic reasons. Teeth help you chew food, speak properly, and smile -- which, according to Price, can help you keep your dignity.


BandBDaddy said...

I used to hate flossing but I always knew I should. Until I found found floss picks. They allow you to floss your whole mouth without the hassle of traditional dental floss and they also have a pick on them that stimulates my gum. I started using DenTek Floss Picks about 5 years ago, and have gotten high marks from my dental hygienists on the health of my gums. I like the DenTek Comfort Clean floss picks because you can actually wrap they are gentle on my gums, slide easily, and they also stretch just slightly to wrap around my teeth. Now I love flossing as long as it is a floss pick.

North Bethesda Oral Hygiene Center said...

Very interesting, absolutely agree oral hygiene can prevent a lot of dental problems and as a result make your healthier.

Telephone Triage said...

Flossing is definitely very essential.And I also agree dental health is related to our general health also.

Plaque Remover said...

This is a really intersting story and probably another very good reason for people to remove dental plaque regularly at the dentist or with their own plaque remover

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fashy mae said...

In prcticing a good dental hygiene for a patient's could be a huge function. The Dentistas helps to privides the advantages and disadvanteges if the pateint's did not follow the right way in taking care of hteir teeths.

Wilton said...

I was so lazy to floss then, but habitual flossing made me think that there are a lot of bacteria left after brushing. That's why we need to floss daily. I know it's hard to discipline yourself, but if you'd think repeatedly that it is to achieve good health then you will learn to make it a habit. Miami, Florida dentists never stops to achieve their goal to make people floss. Upon heeding their call, I learned a lot about my dental hygiene and now I even have Miami veneers to protect my teeth.

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Taking care of your own oral health is very important and by helping your children at an early age learning the importance of cleaning their teeth will help them in the long run with their oral hygiene!

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