Simple Tips to Stop Smoking

Smoking is a vice and not only injurious just to the smoker but to people all around him. A smoker has higher chances of having a heart attack or lung cancer compare to non-smokers. Kicking this bad habit out is not just beneficial physically but you can also save lots of money that you could have blown off in buying cigarettes. And don't forget the health hazard that you impose to your near and dear ones by exposing them to passive smoke.
So, it's the time to kick the butt and you can do it by following the few simple tips given below.

Tips to stop smoking and how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms

• In the beginning, switch from your regular brand of cigarette to another which feels distasteful to you and gradually decrease the number of cigarettes. When you can gradually decrease the number of cigarettes, start smoking only up to half of each cigarette and have the courage to throw it away mid-way. In order to really quit smoking, you should only smoke when you really want to and not out of sheer habit.
The cutting down on numbers is only the start and cannot be called quitting.

• Try to live an active life and keep yourself occupied and distracted by doing something like indulging in sports, going for long walks or reading a book or a magazine.

• Have an oral substitute like mints, carrot gum or sunflower seeds whenever you want to smoke a cigarette.

• Drink lots of water to minimize withdrawal symptoms as it can help in flushing the toxins from your body.

On top of all these, herbal supplements are known to be effective in curing nicotine addiction permanently with no side effects.


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It is very harmful for the lungs and also lead to a lot of people getting cancer ...there are also passive smokers with ill health.This habit has to be terminated.

Pharmacy Feedback said...

To quit smoking, make sure that you are ready. Try to meditate first and start a routinary program to quit smoking.

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Water is good. Whenever you feel the need to light up, drink some water from your bottle. It will help. Reduce your talk time on the phone. Do anything, you used to do without the need to have a cigarette.

MonaVie said...

Great tips! Smoking is a vice that is difficult to get rid of. Quitting became easier for me because I got pregnant and breastfed our son. But for my husband, he can't quit it up to now. Will definitely share your tips with him.

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