No drugs cure high blood pressure.

No drugs cure high blood pressure.

All drugs against hypertension without exception, are toxic and have distressing side effects.
The safest way to cure hypertension is to remove the real cause.

The natural way of dealing with it is to eliminate the poisons from the system which cause it. Persons with high blood pressure should always follow a well-balanced routine of proper diet, exercise and rest.

Diet is of primary importance. Meat and eggs cause the blood pressure to rise more
than any other food. The pressure is lowered and blood clotting diminished by partaking of a
higher fruit content, lower protein and non-flesh diet.

A natural diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of a traditional diet, is helpful in getting rid of the poisons from the body.

A hypertension patient should start the process of healing by living on an exclusive fruit-diet for
at least a week, and take fruits at five-hourly intervals thrice in the day.

Oranges, apples, pears,mangoes, guava, pineapples, raspberry, water-melon are the best diet in such cases. Bananas and jack fruit should not be taken. Milk may be taken after a week of "fruits only"' diet.

The milk should be fresh and should be boiled only once. The patient can be permitted cereals in his food after two weeks.


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Pitar said...

Nice article and i appreciate with you, Drugs are not solution for get stress out. A good and healthy food can makes you stress free.
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Braxton Dylon said...

Healthy eating meal plans can helps curing many diseases and keeps the body energetic whole day.

scott123smith said...

thanks to providing this kind of article
health is a very important factor to stay healthy and fit
to keep healthy take organic food........
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Fluenzo said...

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